One of the reasons why I recommend using Opera instead of Internet Explorer

Often people ask me what is so wrong about the Internet Explorer. Apart from security issues, one of the reasons is the implementation of web standards. I recently stumbled upon the Acid3 Test which can be used to test how well web browsers follow web standards (read the wikipedia article if you want to know more).

So I fired up my browsers and opened the test pages. While the Acid2 test is mostly based on cascading style sheets (css), the Acid3 test mostly tests JavaScript and DOM implementation.

Here are the results for Acid2 (left) and Acid3 (right) tests (more results can be seen on the wikipedia article as well):

(Click on the thumbnails to view full images)

Opera 9.52:

Firefox 3.0.3:

Safari for Windows:

Google Chrome for Windows:

Safari for iPhone:

Internet Explorer 6:
(acid2 was not tested)

Internet Explorer 7:

Acid2 reference picture and Acid3 reference picture


  • My favorite and everyday browser, Opera, has the best test results
  • Every alternative browser has far better results than the Internet Explorer
  • Even the iPhone beats the IE
  • Every desktop browser but IE manages to display the Acid 2 test correctly by now (Acid 2 was published on April 13, 2005; IE7 was published October 19, 2006)

Which browser would you choose?

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