No more business PCs with DVI?

I was looking for some new business desktop computers to buy. They should have a Core2Duo processor, 2GB of RAM, a DVD burner, Gbit LAN and two monitor connectors of which one should be DVI.

I used to buy these computers from HP, but I couldnt find a single model with DVI anymore. They have DisplayPort now instead, plus a VGA out. Hey guys, just because Apple does this doesn’t mean it has to be good! All our monitors have DVI and VGA, I prefer DVI for obvious reasons though.

Sure, I could go and buy adaptor cables, HP also offers some PCIe-Card which offers a single DVI out – for about 35€. Wow, great, I could also buy a low-end consumer graphics card with DVI and VGA for less than 20€! Seriously, HP, what’s up with you? Want to sell your own monitors? DisplayPort *might* be the future, but it’s surely not the present, and yet there are only few monitors with DisplayPort on the market. Besides, I don’t wanna equip every desk with a new monitor.

So I thought, as bad as it is, I have to look elsewhere for some decent business PCs. There ain’t so many manufacturers, so I looked at IBM/Lenovo and Fujitsu Siemens. And what did I see? All of their “middle-of-the-road”-computers have VGA only! Sure, some of their computers do have DVI, but then we are at a higher level, speaking of heavy quad core processors, lots of RAM and – not very surprising – lots of price.

I can’t really understand this. As if DVI would be dying, but VGA is kept for compatibility. LOL.

Dear HP, please make some cheap DisplayPort -> DVI adaptors and include them with your business computers, I’m pretty sure you’d make a lot of people happy.