How to ssh to a system rescue cd live system

Sometimes it is useful to access a machine booted with a sysresccd from another computer, for example to be able to open several terminal windows next to each other, or to be able to work from somewhere else (with a laptop on the couch for example ). Assuming the computer in question has a network connection, this is easily achieved:

Step 1: Set up networking

I am assuming the PC uses eth0 for the connection.

  • via DHCP:
  • dhclient eth0
  • or manually (assuming your network is
    # set IP address
    ifconfig eth0 netmask
    # Optionally, for internet access from that
    # machine, configure a default gateway
    route add default gw

Step 2: Set a root password


Step 3: Connect

You can now connect to the computer like so:

you@yourmachine:~$ ssh root@

Some people searching for things like “system rescue cd root password” and “systemrescuecd ssh” find my blog, mainly because I once posted an article about ssh-ing to a PowerPC Mac running a System Rescue CD, so I thought let’s tell them what they search for


  1. The new version of SystemRescue has a firewall which blocks SSH by default.
    You can stop the firewall with systemctl stop iptables (or use nofirewall boot option).
    Alternatively you can allow it with this rule iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 22 -j ACCEPT

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