How to hide your own joins in Textual

If you’re using Textual with ZNC, you’ll notice that even with general event messages turned off, your own joins are still being displayed, most notably when you start Textual and connect to your ZNC. The reason for that is that ZNC sends JOIN events to your client for all channels you are in – otherwise your client would have no idea which channels you are in, so no channel windows would open and Textual wouldn’t know where to display incoming channel messages.

People asked in #textual how to disable these messages. Fortunately there is a way to hide them, using the chat filter. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Preferences -> Addons -> Chat filter and click +, then choose New Filter
  2. On the Filter tab, as Filter Title, choose something like ‘hide my joins’, leave the other fields empty
  3. On the channels tab, you can limit this to specific channels if you want, or leave it at only channels to hide your joins everywhere
  4. On the events tab, make sure only User joined channel is checked
  5. On the sender tab, check Filter does not apply unless I am the sender
  6. On the Advanced tab, check Hide original message
  7. Click save and enjoy!

If you also want to hide the channel modes and topic (these are also being sent upon join), repeat steps 1-3 from above and then do the following:

  1. on the Events tab, check channel topic received and channel mode received
  2. On the Advanced tab, check Hide original message
  3. Click save

Be warned though, you won’t see these messages again at all until you remove that filter. But the topic will still be shown at the top of the window, and you probably don’t care about the channel modes anyway…


  1. Thank you for posting this, I was quite irritated but this, but somehow never got to explore Textual’s own options for filtering.

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