Why I root my Android phone

Every now and then, when there’s a conversation about the pros and cons of rooting, I ask myself “hmm, why did I root again? Do I really still need it?”

So I decided to make a list of things I use my root access for, mainly for myself, but who knows, maybe someone cares

Titanium Backup
Probably the most essential app for everyone with root. Used mainly to make backups of my apps including user data, useful when losing/changing the phone, but also handy for freezing unwanted system apps. You just have to get used to its user interface…

SSH server for Android. Yes, you can use ADB to get a (remote) shell on your phone, but did you ever want to copy stuff off your phone via rsync?

NTP client. Can sync without root, but automatic periodic synchronisation needs root. Usually, phones can get their time from the cellular network, but I like my clock to be extra precise

This awesome app lets you use your phone as bootable USB device to host ISO images on. Be it the Ubuntu installer, SystemRescueCD, CloneZilla, you name it. Need to boot an emergency system but don’t have your USB pen drive at hand? Quickly download the rescue system of your choice from within the app, connect your phone to the target computer and you’re good to go.

I don’t need it anymore, but when I got my OnePlus One, the stock ROM (CyanogenMod) was unable to change the display scaling or font sizes, and everything was way too large for my taste. This tool allows you to change the DPI to make everything smaller or larger.


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